Aust Cai Hong Ying


"Aust Cai Hong Ying” is one of the worldwide basis writers’ federations, was established at the end of 2004 based in Sydney, and has online website and published three issues printed quarterly magazine (hardcopy in Simplified and Traditional Chinese,and can be found in many libraries in Australia and some other countries, ISSN 1832-3456).

We are trying the best to bring honor to the Chinese culture, and make the contribution to the promotion north and south hemisphere cultural exchange.

About the "Cai Hong Ying" quarterly hardcopy magazine:

The quarterly magazine are hardcopy printed in Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

The magazine is distributed worldwide and can be found in many libraries (such as National Library Australia) in Australia and some other countries, ISSN 1832-3456.

The magazine is A5 trimmed size, 100 pages per issue, covering the following area:

  • Prose

  • Novel

  • Travel notes

  • Modern Poetry

  • Ancient literary style Poetry

  • Literary Dynamic

  • Celebrity News

  • Informal essay

The magazine is published in hardcopy quarterly, the writers are from Australia, PR China, Canada, USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore etc.

The goal of the magazine is to increasing the communication between Australian & overseas Chinese culture.

The website:

"Cai Hong Ying" has it's online publication, and allow the worldwide writers post their articles, poems, stories, etc in Chinese online.

The visitors of our website are from over 50 countries and territories, and the top five countries/territories are PR China, USA, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. Please click the following links or viewing the Chinese version web pages for more information:

"Aust Cai Hong Ying” is becoming the most influence pure literature Chinese writer federation in southern hemisphere, the website has became a famous communication bridge for the western and eastern culture.

At the end of this year is the first anniversary day for "Aust Cai Hong Ying", the fourth issue of the magazine would be published on October 2005 (the deadline for acceptance of drafts on August 30).

if you search the "Aust Cai Hong Ying", simply type "federation" (must be in Chinese "笔会"), the "Aust Cai Hong Ying" will appear at the first from "Baidu" (the biggest Chinese language search engine in the world"), and appear at the sixth from "Google".

According to the global statistics report (from 13 May 2005 ~ 29 June 2005, total 48 days) provided by a professional website statistic company iSupport, the number of hits for our website is 35,696 (for Australia only).


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