Titanium Oxide—TiO2,a kind of snow white powder and commonly known as titanium dioxide, is one of the best white paint. In the past time, the main purpose of mining ilmenite was to get TiO2. Titanium dioxide has a very strong adhesion, not easy to occur Chemical changes and keep the snow white color for ever. What is more, titanium dioxide is without any toxicity. Because of the high melting point, titanium dioxide is always used as thermostable experimental household utensils, such as fireproof glass, glaze, enamel, argil ect.

TiO2 is one of the whitest things in the world, a room with more than 450 square cm can be painted into snow wtite only one gram TiO2. Titanium dioxide is about 5 times whiter than the commonly used white pigments - lithopone. So that it is the best palette for making white oil paint. Several hundred thousand tons Titanium dioxide are used as the pigment in the world. Besides, paper can change into white but not translucent with titanium dioxide. As to this efficacy, titanium is about 10 times stronger than any other things. That is why the banknote paper and arts paper must be with TiO2. In addition, pigment can be lighter, man-made silk can be more subdued with TiO2. In the rubber industry, titanium dioxide is also used as a white rubber padding.

Standard specification of ilmenite








A  ilmenite






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low P ilmenite







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