Documents Enclosed, Self Adhesive Envelopes

Our Associated Packaging Factory (in China) is a prime manufacturer of pressure-sensitive self adhesive envelopes.

We produce a wide range of adhesive envelopes in an array of styles, sizes and colours and work to meet customers individual specifications and requirements.

With a self-adhesive back and clear front, this product is available either in printed or plain format.

Our adhesive envelopes utilise adhesives, which work well on cardboard, plastic, wood and metal.

The following are the generic size range available, although we can manufacture to meet your individual requirements.

Australia Pacific Sizes

European Sizes

USA Sizes

115 mm x 150 mm

123 mm x 110 mm

4” x 8”

115 mm x 142 mm

175 mm x 132 mm

4 1/8” x 3”

115 mm x 165 mm

235 mm x 175 mm

4 ½” x 6”

150 mm x 230 mm

332 mm x 235 mm

4 ¼” x 8”

230 mm x 165 mm

235 mm x 132 mm

4¼” x 9”

115 mm x 230 mm


5 ¼” x 8”

105 mm x 140 mm


5½” x 10”



7” x 6”



7” x 8”



8 ½” x 10”

Self adhesive envelopes offer a range of benefits in the dispatch and delivery of goods. They are used for attaching advise notes and or invoices to goods ready to be dispatched. In addition, they are ideal for any documents, invoices, promotional materials and work sheets that are require to be transferred with goods.

When used in dispatching, they can avoid delay or loss of shipping documents, eliminate loss of packages during shipment, reduce routing mistakes and therefore delivery delays, allows easy identification of a delivery and saves on postal expenditure.

The adhesive envelopes are widely used by mail order houses, couriers, local authorities, logistic and shipping companies, as well as general service related companies.


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