Self Adhesive Labels

Our Associated Packaging Factory (in China) specialises in producing custom printed self adhesive labels for all types of businesses worldwide for both retail and non-retail applications. The following are some of the uses for self adhesive labels that have become a necessity in our daily lives.

Retail Labels

Retail labels inform us about the contents, nature or purpose of off-the-shelf items and many other consumer products. They can vary from basic price-weigh grocery labels or mandatory warning labels to miniature, full-colour works of art which plays an important role in the overall marketing of consumer products.

Industrial Labels

Industrial labels incorporate bar codes and other data to aid the logistical storage and tracking of manufactured products.

Commercial and Computer Data Labels

Labels play here a vital role in the office or factory while label construction have many uses from mail order documents to medical records.

Some of our diverse range of current customers use self adhesive labels for the following:

  • Retail Jars and Bottles including tamper-proof labeling

  • Labels for Promotional Items

  • IT Cord Recognition

  • Car and Vehicle Stickers

  • Food and General Packaging including cartons, books and containers

  • CD and DVD cases

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