Recycled Metal

Recycled Metal types

Non ferrous Ferrous
 Aluminium Extrusions
Aluminium Cans
Aluminium Wire
Aluminium Cuttings
Domestic Aluminium
Cast Aluminium
Irony Aluminium
#1 Copper wire (bright & shiny)
#1 Copper tubes
#2 Copper (painted)
Domestic Copper
Burnt Copper
Cadmium Copper
Gun Metal (solids)
Gun Metal Borings
Brass Solids
Brass Swarf (shavings)
Brass Cuttings
Irony Brass
Copper Radiators
Stainless Steel
Insulated Copper Cables
Insulated Aluminium cables
Aluminium Litho (printing sheets)
Aluminium Swarf (shavings)
Mixed Aluminium
Manganese Bronze
Bronze Turnings
Underground Cables
Venetian Blinds
Die Casting Zinc
Brass Dross
Aluminium Dross
Any Contaminated Brass/
Copper/Aluminium etc.
Type Metal
White Metal
Copper Aluminium Radiators
Solder Drips
Light-gauge Steel
Heavy-gauge Steel
Steel Shavings
Discarded Machinery
Cast Iron
Structural Steel
Any Magnetic Material
Precious Metals
Computer Mainframes
Computer Boards
Circuit Boards
Catalytic Converters
High Nickel Stainless Steel
Items with any precious metal content
Lead/Acid Battery Recycling
Nickel Content Battery Recycling
Other Battery Recycling
Electronic Scrap
Used/Reusable Iron & steel
Scrap Steel & Iron
Mill Prepaired Steel Scrap
Railroad Scrap & Ship Breaking
Copper Scrap
Bronze & Brass Scrap
Aluminum Scrap
Zinc Scrap
Magnesium Scrap (Mg)
Tin Scrap (Sn)
Lead Scrap (Pb)
Used/Reusable Non Ferrous Metals
Stainless Steel Alloy Scrap (Ni, Co, Mo, Cr)
Scrap Mercury Recovery (Hg)
Titanium Scrap (Ti)
Tungsten Scrap (W)
Other Exotic Metals Scrap
Scrap Gold Recovery (Au)
Silver Recovery (Ag)
Scrap Platinum Group Metals
Scrap Catalytic Converter Recycling
Mixed Precious Metals Recycling

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Other recycled materials:

  • Paper

  • Plastics

  • Textile

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