Recycled Resins

Recycled resins generally cost only 60% as much as prime resin.

The grades we offer include HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, LLDPE, PP, GPPS, HIPS and ABS.

We can supply resin in multicolour, black and natural (limited), in 25kg or bulk bags.We can also provide resins with specific additives, e.g. antioxidants, UV stabilisers, process aids and colourants to customer specification.

Country Origin: Australia

Production Capacity: 50~100 MT per month

Loading: 16MT/20GP, 23MT/40GP

Above Image: Extruded LLDPE resin granules

Above Image: Extruded plastic resins

Above Image: Recycled granulate

Above Image: 25kg bags and bulk bags of recycled resin



Keywords: Food, Beverages, Tobacco, Milk, Egg, Chocolate, Fruit, Rice...
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