Establish Your Own Enterprise Culture


Australian Winner  has own Enterprises Culture, and can help to establish your own enterprises culture, and provide online promotion

Working definition of enterprise

Enterprise is a broad notion that is relevant to a wide range of activities. Enterprise Insight’s working definition is: “An individual or team engaged in growing their own idea, exploiting an opportunity or developing a new way of doing things”. This can be in terms of business start-ups, social enterprises or employees being enterprising within businesses and organisations.

Developing enterprise capability amongst young people

Enterprise qualities are critical to thrive in the 21st century. This means we need to develop enterprise capability amongst all young people. Enterprise capability is: “The capability to handle uncertainty and respond positively to change, to create and implement new ideas and new ways of doing things, to make reasonable risk/reward assessments and act upon them in one’s personal and working life”.

Promoting an enterprise culture

This requires changing mindsets so as to inspire and mobilise young people to be more enterprising in their lives. The change in mindset needs to be ‘deep’ and significant enough to trigger a change in behaviour, not simply in attitude. A strong belief in one’s own capability to be entrepreneurial and the cultural value placed on enterprise by society are both important.

Catalytic campaign

The campaign aims to stimulate demand and grow the national pool of enterprising talent, as well as generate debate and discussion about enterprise - how to nurture it and its significance for us as individuals and a society. The huge task of both generating a fundamental shift in attitudes and reaching a large audience means that the campaign must use cost-effective, catalytic methods which act in a self-replicating, snowballing manner at grassroots level.

Enterprising habits can be encouraged, discouraged or reinforced at many other levels beyond the individual. For example, the degree to which society rewards and recognises enterprising behaviour can influence in several ways the willingness of individuals to be innovative or start promising ventures. We need organisations that are prepared to change as well as a local, regional and national climate supportive of enterprise.

Young people in the driving seat

The present generation of young people is not receptive to top-down, didactic messages. They need to be engaged in participatory ways which enable them to “own” the transformation. The campaign will therefore only achieve its vision if young people pick up this agenda, interpret it for themselves, and run with it. In other words, enterprise promotion can start as a campaign but it must become a movement.


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