English Section Advertising Location

English Section Ads Location

Features of location in each section:

  1. English Section Top Moving Text Box, display on most of English web pages of the section (not include forum).

  2. English Section Right Moving Frame, display on most of English web pages of the section (not include forum).

  3. English Section Bottom Moving Text Box, display on most of web pages of the English section (not include forum).

  4. English Section Homepage, Entry point to the English Section. Targets different readership depend on the information.


  • All above prices are daily rate per Standard Unit in AUD, exclude GST.
  • Digital files of artwork to be provided by customer, set up/amend fee (is not design fee) of 50.00 is applied for all types of advertisement.
  • Processing time: within 24 hours after payment received and clear.
  • All above display no less than 30,000 site impressions per 30 days.
  • Click Type & Examples to view more information about each size of advertisement.
  • All information/price listed are guideline only (not a contract), the final information to be based on the updated price list or are subject to availability and discussion for individual contracts. All prices are subject to change and space availability.

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Click Type & Examples to view more detail information:

Australianwinner.com is one of the fastest growth & highest visiting websites written in English, simplified and traditional Chinese, which provides free information such as: worldwide business information, manufacturers direct purchasing, migration, education, sports, culture, traveling, etc. You may purchase Hundreds of Varieties, Thousands of Style Products from multiple industries on our website.

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One unit of Text Box 180x72 pixels

Aust Winner Global Logistics

Standard Unit:

90(w)x90(h) pixels

Button Example:

90(w)x45(h) pixels

Text Box Example:

180(w)x72(h) pixels

Text Link Example:

Width 180(w) pixels


Keywords: Australia Information, e-commerce, Information Warehouse, Logistics, Trading, Traveling, Business, Buying Leads, Selling Leads.
Cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Tasmania, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hurstville, Snow Mountain, Blue Mountain,