Information Categories

Aust Winner Has Your Email Target… We can provide a wide range of high-quality email, website and postal lists. Here is a short listing of some of the top categories we represent…

  1. Veterans by Congressional District

  2. New Movers by Congressional District

  3. Contributors

  4. Celebrity Postal File

  5. Real Estate Agents

  6. Nurses

  7. Time Share Owners

  8. Cell Phone Database

  9. Cable TV / Broadband Subscribers

  10. DOC Optical and LensCrafters

  11. Dentists

  12. Doctor

  1. Lawyers

  2. Insurance Agents

  3. HR executives

  4. Credit card holders

  5. Sub-Prime Borrowers

  6. Sports Professionals

  7. Astronaunts & Nobel Prize winners

  8. Biz-op and MLM leads

  9. Influential data

  10. PayDay Loan users

  11. Online pharma buyers

  12. On Line traders/stock



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