Trading Terms and Conditions

Buyer, Supplier


This document is prepared by Australian Winner International Exhibition Pty Ltd (so called AWIE in this document), applies to suppliers and all members of their supply chain who furnish product, material, processes, and services.

Suppliers are as critical to us as our partners and/or shareholders. Accordingly, AWIE wants to ensure that we properly communicate our expectations, beliefs and requirements. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships which are profitable for all, and allow for future growth and opportunities. Just as there are good and bad suppliers, there are good and bad customers. AWIE is committed to being a good customer to all our dedicated suppliers.

The AWIE Supplier Requirements Manual provides an outline of the requirements and expectations for strategic suppliers. AWIE is committed to establishing long-term relationships with those suppliers who are committed to continuous improvements in the areas of quality, delivery, cost and service.

We would like to take this opportunity to share our Vision Statement, Mission Statement and Core Values with all suppliers. Our expectation is that all suppliers are able to support our vision, mission and values.

We reserve the right to flow down additional requirements to satisfy specific customer and / or business requirements that will apply only to the AWIE and customers.

Each party, their representatives, and their customers government/regulatory agencies shall have the right of entry into a supplier's facility or that of their subcontractors. Entry shall provide for access to quality system documentation and quality records as well as the ability to conduct audits and verify product and processes.

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