About Australian Winner International


Who we are?

Australian Winner International Exhibition Pty Ltd was found Nov 2002, is a Business Hub of worldwide all industries, sourcing, trading,  traditional and e-business information firm, located in Sydney Australia.

We and our partners work together to expand the world market, directly provide one-stop services to all industrial customers around the world.

Our Enterprises Culture  have been recognized by both Chinese and Australian society. Our own information website is one of the fastest growing and biggest websites in southern hemisphere, which written in English and Chinese, having huge database, cover both business and culture.

We have our people on the ground in main areas of interest (South America, India, Middle East, China, Europe, Australia, Thailand and US, etc). We have established excellent partnerships with the producers, exporters and trading companies mainly in many fields.

Through our extensive international network, we convert our comprehensive, independent and detailed market knowledge into value addition to our clients.

What we do?

We supply all kinds of products directly from the manufacturers, based on the principles of a JIT (Just In Time). As there is no warehouse and inventory pressure, it resulted in a significant reduction in operational costs, and we would like to share the benefits with our customers.

We operate our own businesses in multiple business/cultural areas (click to view detail information):

Why Choose Us?

We and our partners work together to expand the world market, directly provide one-stop services to all industrial customers around the world.

We operate our own shipping fleets which gives us the opportunity to offer highly competitive prices. We will work with you until we get it just the way you want it. We know all of our suppliers personally and always look to interact in positive and constructive ways to solve any potential obstacles our clients might have, and have the following advantages:

  • We provide one stop services
  • have no unnecessary middle parties
  • better control as having less external communication

Who Visit Us?

There are thousands new and existing visitors from worldwide to view our website every day, as we archive and regularly update tens of thousands websites links by categories, such as:

Australian Information Website Profile

Australian Winner Online is found July 2004, is one of the highest visiting and fast growing websites written in simplified, traditional Chinese and English, contains over 200,000 free information and images in both business and cultural.

The visitors are mainly Chinese communities from Australia, China, USA, UK, Canada, Europe, and worldwide over 90 countries and territories.

Nov 2007, our two websites have been identified as online publications having national significance, and have been added the record to the National Bibliographic Database (a database of catalogue records shared by over 1,100 Australian libraries).

The website contains the following free information in both English and Chinese:

  • Worldwide Business Information Warehouse
  • Australian Local conditions and social customs.
  • Migration system and relate information.
  • Education system and relate information.
  • AUST WINNER FORUM is one of the biggest online Chinese communities in Australia New Zealand region.
  • Business opportunities amongst Australia, China and other countries.
  • Eastern and Western culture.
  • Australia travel information and thousands of images.
  • Gallery contains thousands images of Australia.
  • TaiJi GongFu.
  • Entertainment.
  • Online real time Airlines information.
  • Australia major cities transportation timetable.
  • Sports.
  • Links of worldwide online publication.
  • Australia trading information.
  • Health and beauty.
  • Australian Customs and Quarantine system and relate information.
  • China and other countries travel information.


We have our own printed publication:

The hycommerce.com business magazine covers the following area:

  • e-commerce
  • introduction of members' business
  • business information of Australia and China
  • Project cooperation between Australia, China and other countries
    migration information of Australia
  • education and institution information for whom want to come into Australia to study
  • cultural and business
  • Australia and New Zealand Local conditions and social customs

The  quarterly printed magazine of "Aust Cai Hong Ying" (ISSN 1832-3456) International Authors' Federation, as well as the internet publication and the literature forum, gathering thousands of authors from worldwide.

All editions of magazine are collected by:

  • National Museum of Modem Chinese Literature in BeiJing.

  • National Library of Australia in Canberra, 

  • Major libraries of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and

  • Some other countries libraries, etc.

Archived by National Library of Australia (NLA07/3309)

www.australianwinner.com and www.azchy.com have been collected by the PANDORA Archive of National Library of Australia (NLA07/3309). Click here to view the email of th National Library of Australia.

The National Library of Australia aims to build a comprehensive collection of Australian publications to ensure that Australians have access to their documentary heritage now and in the future. The Library has traditionally collected items in print, but it is also committed to preserving electronic publications of lasting cultural value.

PANDORA, Australia's Web Archive, was set up by the Library in 1996 to enable the archiving and provision of long-term access to online Australian publications. Since then we have been identifying online publications and archiving those that we consider have national significance.

The Library has catalogued our publication and added the record to the National Bibliographic Database (a database of catalogue records shared by over 1,100 Australian libraries), as well as to their own online catalogue. This will increase awareness of your publication among researchers using libraries.

Australian Singtao News Paper published an article about the news on 04 Dec 2007.



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