Packing Material Partner

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The associated Packing Material Partner of Australian Winner International established in 2004, it covers a total area of 16,000 square meters.

Relying on its experience in paper and plastic production equipment and its professional design and production of packaging materials, adding the reference to some large packaging materials factories of Guangdong, it innovated its mechanical equipment and has become an efficient and capable professional producer of paper and plastic packaging materials.

Our associated Packing Material partner is one of the largest production base of environmental protection packaging materials in the region of Huizhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan, is the professional producer of paper tray and conner protector. The products could be used by the hospitals, nursing home, farmer, and used to the packaging of electric appliances, electronic products, furniture, wood wares, musical instruments, arts and crafts, etc.

Development and design of dies are also available.

We will arrange international shipping services to deliver the finished products to your country.

Factory Outlook Factory Outlook
Receiption Angle Paper Machine
Kok Paper Kok Paper
Tilting Forming Machine Vacuum Barrel
Tilting Forming Machine Tilting Forming Machine
Boiler Thermo Compression Shaper




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