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Aust Winner International is the selling agent of multi brand of tyre manufacturers of China. We supply about 200 different size of tyres (more to be updated). We supply multi brand tyres with the below categories: 

All Tyres Direct Supplied from the quality manufacturers in China. Please click the below to view the full specification and images:

  Type Pattern Brand  

Passenger Tyres

PCR Tyres HP168 Fullway
PCR Tyres HP117 Fullrun
PCR Tyres HP199 Fullrun
PCR Tyres HP177 Fullrun
PCR Tyres PC388 Fullrun

Sports Tyres

Sports Car Tyres HP108 Fullway
Sports Car Tyres PC368 Fullway
Sports Car Tyres PC386 Fullway
SUV Tyres HS229 Fullrun
UHP Tyres HP199 Fullrun
UHP & SUV Tyres HS229 Fullrun
LTR Tyres HP107 Fullrun
LTR Tyres LT218 Fullrun
LTR Tyres PC318 Fullrun
LTR Tyres PC388 Fullrun
Truck Tyres
Truck Tyres TB622 Fullway
Truck Tyres TB623 Fullway
Truck Tyres TB955 Fullway

Truck Tyres

TB966 Fullway
Truck Tyre D600 Turnpike
Truck Tyre S500 Turnpike
Truck Tyre S600 Turnpike

OTR Tyres

OTR-Bias E-4 Fullrun
OTR-radial B01N Fullrun
OTR-radial B02N Fullrun
OTR-radial B04S Fullrun
OTR-radial B05N Fullrun
OTR-radial B06S Fullrun
OTR-radial BDRS Fullrun
OTR-radial BDTS Fullrun
OTR-radial BWYN Fullrun
OTR-radial HLG01 Fullrun
OTR-radial HLG02 Fullrun
OTR-radial LCHS+ Fullrun


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